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CutLeader is a CAD/CAM software for CNC cutting machine (laser, plasma, waterjet, router, foam cut) with true shape
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5 May 2014

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This is a metal cutting software tool.

The CutLeader product is mainly used in CNC laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, flame cutting machines and water jet cutting machines. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, etc. You will be able to produce the necessary CNC code from the part drawing in just a few steps. This tool supports automatic nesting. Cut avoidance is automatic. Common cutting features are supported. Geometric curves including Spline, Bezier curve, etc. are supported. Optimization of these curves is possible for minimum effort and minimum wastage cutting. The optimization can reduce up to 90% of lines and arcs. You will be able to export the nesting results to DXF files. Cutting sequence optimization is also available. Nesting reports with cutting information statistics can be created easily. Material stock libraries are easily managed. This tool will be able to manage remnant material and nesting of shapes.

Cutting path can collide. This software detects such collision and is able to correct the same. This has a ribbon interface, the interface that most people are familiar with because of heavy usage of MS tools. The tool itself is easy to use and most CAD users will be able to get to learn the operation very quickly. Whole set of post processors available lets you connect to a host of cutting machines from different manufacturers. Lead in/out, microjoint, corner feature, sequence and NC generation and other such parameters are managed well by the tool for proper cutting. DXF or DWG drawings can be imported with automatic cleaning feature. The work report generated can be customized. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

function list:
1. true shape automatic nesting
2. auto separate DXF/DWG file
3. export nesting result to DXF file
4. common cutting
5. bridge cutting
6. sequence optimization
7. spline/curve optimization
8. material stock library management
9. nesting report with cutting info statistics
10. cut avoidance management
11. remnant material management and nesting
12. collision auto detection and correction
Difference from competitors:
1. automatic nesting supported
2. 3rd generation CAD/CAM software with ribbon interface, fast to learn and easy to use
3. power postprofessor supports all brand of cutting machines
4. spline and curve auto optimization, reduce 90% lines and arcs quantity
5. affordable price, every one can use the most advanced CNC programming software and benefit from it.
other functions
1. expert cutting parameter management (lead in/out, microjoint, corner feature, sequence and NC generation)
2. CAD part design supported
3. work report customization
4. DXF/DWG import with auto clean
Version 5.4
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